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Mobile Development at Alopa

At Alopa, our mobile development engineering team has robust and strong software development skills. They have been there – done many implementations for various mobile specific use cases. And now, they are applying this knowledge to learn and deploy mobile development processes within Alopa.

Impactful Mobile App Development Services

We cover the entire expanse of mobile development – on iOS and Android. We deliver on all mobile domains and continuously learn and adapt to the high paced changes in the mobile space. Take for instance, our mobile apps in the healthcare domain, chronic disease management,device pairing and syncing using bluetooth, reporting, are some of the key areas we focus on.

    We understand speed, performance, storage,connectivity - at the micro level. In the mobile world, users move across apps quickly, they consume enormous data and expect no delays. Sounds familiar? At Alopa, this is part of the mobile delivery process. We craft the best algorithm for a mobile solution – to match speed or compute power, seamless usage across various network conditions.

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    The Team

    Transform your vivid ideas into rock-solid realities

    At Alopa Infotech, we have an excellent team of process engineers, architects and developers who work together to come up with a next- generation mobile product.

    We don’t work adhoc. Like true beavers who can work alone or with a team to build their home, Alopians also show ingenuity and persistence to architect, design, code, test and deliver a mobile application for you.

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    Mobile App on Android

    Leverage our decade-long expertise in mobile app development.

    At Alopa, we put a lot of thought on research and analyse mobile app development trends. The team at Alopa is free to explore, decide, learn and take on new technologies, or languages as in the case of Android app development.So, while we started with experienced Java developers working on Android, the team was strong enough to move to Kotlin as the technology started maturing. Our architects and design engineers understand the pros and cons of Java and Kotlin, to curate the best solution for you.

    Let’s see, Java has been around for years now. At Alopa, our engineers have been working on Java for that many years as well. Migrating to Kotlin, a relatively new language is easy for them. We can go under the hood for Kotlin and keep learning as the language evolves.

    A mobile app needs to be more stable. It is prone to power issues, network variations, and data storage. Mobile app code must be less bulky while continuing to be maintainable. Using Kotlin, we can create more concise code. Roughly, there is a more than 20% to 40% reduction in the number of lines of code in Kotlin vs Java. This is a huge factor in selecting Kotlin over Java.

    Kotlin advocates functional programming and enables ease-of-use over Java. Kotlin also supports inlining that improves performance. Mainly, the breadth of Kotlin features allows us to reason better, test better and provide clear, short code.

    Mobile app on iOS

    We build beautiful yet powerful iOS / Android Mobile Applications

    Alopa Infotech has die-hard iOS programmers who live and breathe iOS. They learnt iOS programming from the day it all started. We encourage them to learn and curate the technologies, capabilities, and languages included in the iOS SDK that make app development possible.

    With Alopa’s open learning and testing environment, our engineers can swiftly create code using Objective-C or the Swift programming language – the language of choice for iOS development today.

    Objective-C is not written off, as yet. Our Objective-C gurus can explain how your app can benefit from either of these approaches to ensure you get a scalable, robust, high-performing app.

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    Mobile apps for

    bluetooth enabled medical devices

    We have deep expertise in Bluetooth integration with various devices ranging from Blue tooth meters upto Bluetooth insulin Pens and wearables.