Cloud Infrastructure management and Automation

High cloud performance and availability

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Cloud migration solution for Enterprises

Innovative Cloud Infrastructure management and Automation In India

We understand cloud migrations and all the tasks that have to be completed in detail, be it provisioning, configuration, management of the infrastructure for your cloud subscription.

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For example, we can use the industry standard Ansible - which is a task based automation of the infrastructure setup. We can also work on hybrid clouds and automate tasks based on frameworks such as OpenStack. We can work on driving integration with public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Using cloud automation tools, we can bring the same capabilities to private clouds as is available in the public clouds.

To Summarize, we offer:

  • Transitioning to cloud services

  • Use Cloud automation and Infrastructure as Code to maintain your cloud services

  • Vendor agnostic solutions

  • Cloud compliance and management

  • Configuration automation as an unceasing process

  • Cloud management and data center management

  • Third party services

  • Version control and workflow management for the desired infrastructure

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