Healthcare and digital therapeutics is our niche

High Paced, High energy healthcare engineering at its best.

About us

At Alopa, we are a squad of engineers, process analysts, design thinkers all empowered to act towards one goal – provide the best, high performing, sustainable software solution to our customers.

Located in JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Alopa is well prepared to meet resource requirements for any project or end to end solution. Bengaluru is known as the Silicon valley of India. It has come a long way from being a Pensioner’s paradise to the lively hub of technical talent that it is famous for today. Bangalore’s rising skylines host the business and technical work force who have made Bangalore their home and work tirelessly.

We have over 700,000 person hours of technical excellence – that is collective experience of over 25 key Alopians who have spent more than 15 years in the IT indusry. We have learnt new technologies as they evolved and have contributed to their growth. Healthcare is our primary focus.

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Why Alopa

Good user experience, standards compliance, performance engineering, accessibility driven UI and good documentation is part and parcel of each solution we provide. There are no compromises made on quality or speed of delivery. Processes and conformance to guidelines are etched into the work processes we follow at Alopa.

At Alopa, we are actively participating in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. We study the processes, analyse gaps and come up with solutions that join diverse healthcare and digital therapeutics artefacts within an organization. From a simple app to an end to end solution, we have the know-how to decide on the technology, framework, delivery mechanism and timeline to create and deliver a solution for you.

We provide a great workplace for our squad, teams and individuals. JP Nagar is closely connected via metro to the city’s main centers. Our customers and Alopians love the cozy, open work environment, where ideas and solutions are conceptualized, designed and discussed in collective team work.

Some of our core areas of expertise are:

  • Healthcare applications
  • Mobile Development
  • Digital therapeutics products
  • Performance engineering
  • Full Stack Development
  • Verification and validation
  • Certification
  • BI, Analytics and SAAS
  • Security engineering
  • Engineering niche products to move to a custom platform or the public cloud

Vision &

Work Culture

At Alopa, we are open and transparent

This means, we do the good as well as take the bad right on the chin. We share the bad news and the good news – empower our team to improve and excel. Encourage our clients to learn with us and grow with us.

We value the skills of each and every engineer in our squad.

We strongly believe in our team.

Curious to know why we call ourselves a squad? A squad refers to a team of 8 to 10 people assigned to work on a common task. This term is generally used in the military world. At Alopa, we decided to form squads and small teams within each squad.

We value and nurture skills in problem solving, engineering attitude and knowledge sharing. This helps us to understand your problems, design working solutions and work with you all along.

High Paced, High energy, exploration and personal growth,Culture

Open and transparent

Straight with good and bad news

Employee Empowerment

Be a true engineer and solve problems